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// Game  Programmer
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Hi there! I program games for a living and I am deeply passionate about it too! I'm available to develop games in Unreal Engine 4 and Unity. Contacting me is easy!

Just email me at and I'll be glad to assist you in your project.


I love creating clean, modular code that is easy to read and modify. I understand the need for an adaptable architecture that is open to rapid shifts in design.


I am familiar with a diverse array of programming fields, including gameplay, tools, UI, and network programming.


I am comfortable working along side others in a fast-paced, collaborative environment, from small to large-scale projects.

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Neko Ghost, Jump!

Burgos Games

// Gameplay Programmer

Neko Ghost Jump Logo.jpg
modern platforms

A puzzle-platformer where you not only switch between 2D & 3D camera perspectives but also between your physical & ghost forms to solve puzzles, combat enemies, and clear levels faster.

My Contributions

  • Developed enemy, trap, and boss AI using UE4's behavior tree and blackboard tools.

  • Implemented logic for various types of enemy attacks, such as ranged/projectiles, melee, AOE, & special attacks.

  • Implemented custom enemy in-air path traversal (using EQS) to navigate around obstacles while flying.

  • Built support for 3D/2D perspectives while building logic for all mechanics/enemies.

  • Built account creation/selection, storefront to buy items, wardrobe carousel, level select, and settings UI.

  • Debugged by writing extensive unit tests for gameplay logic, AI, and UI.

One Hand Clapping

Bad Dream Games

// Game Engineer

One Hand Clapping Logo.jpg
modern platforms

A 2D platformer that invites you to sing into your microphone to solve musical puzzles and discover the power of your voice as it changes the world.

My Contributions

  • Responsible for adding support and maintenance for the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, and IOS releases.

  • Developed logic for platform-specific features, such as achievements, touch controls, mic support, haptic feedback, saving/loading, and cloud storage.

  • Actively worked on improving/tuning performance for each platform.

  • Reduced total memory size by 65% by utilizing the Addressables system; sorting assets into groups, compressing them, and loading them in dynamically when needed.

  • Designed, maintained, and resolved issues relating to mobile/touch UI elements.

  • Debugged by utilizing test cases and writing clear documentation, isolating the issues.

Fantasy dARts

Games For Love

// Team Lead / Technical Director


An AR capable mobile dart throwing game. A casual competitive game where you can earn points and see who is the best at Darts! Battle against other players locally or online and put your Skillz to the test! Made for the Skillz 2020 Kickoff Challenge.

My Contributions

  • Lead a team of 14 people to release a game within a month.

  • Successfully integrated the Skillz SDK for networking capabilities.

  • Provided and communicated effectively the vision for each gameplay mechanic, as well as the art and audio assets.

  • Followed Scrum methodology as the Scrum Master. Hosted daily Scrum meetings.

  • Wrote and revised the Game Design Document, Technical Design Document, and storyboards.

  • Created and maintained issue tracking and project management with Jira.



I worked with Adam for over a year as his director at Bad Dream Games, where he used his engineering talent to develop many of the core systems of our game. Many of these systems had to function on a wide variety of gaming platforms (PC, Xbox, Playstation, Switch, Stadia, iOS, Android) and Adam deftly rose to this challenge.


After carefully analyzing our existing code base and researching the extensive requirements of these various platforms, Adam organized his ideas through spreadsheets, pseudocode, and class diagrams. This ensured that his code and class structures were clean, comprehensive, modular, easy to read, and allowed for the other engineers on our team to easily review and offer insights into these important systems early on in development.


This sort of professional behavior persisted consistently throughout development and was invaluable to the release of our game. On a personal level, Adam is honest, passionate, and self-driven while also staying communicative with his team. Inspiring everyone else on his team to do their best and work with heart, Adam was a pleasure to collaborate with, and he has my highest recommendation.


I remember when we first started "Island War" together. I knew what we needed to do, I wasn't exactly sure how we'd get there. Adam was the one who got us there. A pattern emerged where we would collaborate, then go.


I couldn't have asked for a better teammate as committed, consistent and communicative. Whenever there were design, clarification, or balance issues on either side, Adam or I would always reach out and we'd problem-solve them together. This didn't change when others were brought on board and the communication expanded to include them.


To be honest, Adam has been critical to bringing "Island War" to where we are now and I'm so glad we got to do this together. I highly recommend Adam for his drive, work ethic, and willingness to mentor other fellow programmers. I look forward to seeing where he'll go and hope to work with him on future projects.


It is rare that you work with an engineer that goes the extra mile in all categories such as Adam. Adam is detail-oriented, quick to learn, has an incredible work ethic, and was an overall pleasure to work with.


Adam had the difficult task of abstracting sections of the codebase to work with many devices and platforms. When discussing different requirements, Adam would pair his positive attitude with a great willingness to tackle any problem sent his way and best of all would come back to the next meeting with a detailed plan with a list of things to keep an eye out for.


Adam’s code was immaculate and I’d consider myself very lucky to have the chance to work with Adam again in the future. Adam is the type of engineer you’d want on any team knowing that his tenacity, work ethic, and affable attitude would be a welcomed inclusion.

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