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Gameplay Programmer // Music Composer


I work both as a gameplay programmer and as a music composer. Currently, I'm available to develop games in Unreal Engine 4, Unity, and Xcode. I also write and produce music for any type of video game genre. Contacting me is easy! Just email me at klaviam@gmail.com and I'll be glad to assist you in your project.



Island War // 2020

Games for Love

Lead Programmer

A Risk army controlling game using cards. Take on multiple AIs in an effort to conquer a variety of islands. Volunteered to work for a charity organization (Games for Love).

My Contributions

  • Implemented entire backend system for all gameplay features.

  • Designed and coded multiple opponent AIs using decision trees.

  • Implemented dynamic combat system that occurs in real-time, supporting multiple players in a single instance

  • Coded user interaction including selecting cards and dragging / dropping.

  • Coordinated with 2D/3D artists, audio engineers, and game designers to help bring their ideas into the game

dARts // 2020

Games For Love

Team Lead / Technical Producer

An AR capable mobile dart throwing game. A casual competitive game where you can earn points and see who is the best at Darts! Battle against other players locally or online and put your Skillz to the test! Made for the Skillz 2020 Kickoff Challenge.

My Contributions

  • Lead a team of 9 people to release a game within a month.

  • Successfully integrated the Skillz SDK for networking capabilities.

  • Provided and communicated effectively the vision for each gameplay mechanic, as well as the art and audio assets.

  • Followed Scrum methodology as the Scrum Master. Hosted daily Scrum meetings.

  • Wrote and revised the Game Design Document, Technical Design Document, and storyboards.

  • Created and maintained issue tracking and project management with Jira.

Blame the Intern // 2019



Play a lonely intern who's tasked with breaking into the boss's office. Crack passwords, find secrets, uncover company conspiracies, and learn about the lives of the world you find yourself in.

My Contributions

  • Designed and simulated an operating system within the game.

  • Coded seamless transitioning from 3D first-person gameplay to 2D interaction.

  • Developed interactable objects that can be picked up, examined, and put away.

  • Wrote and integrated the story using storyboards.

  • Wrote and produced the soundtrack

Crossworld // 2019



Explore the world while solving crossword puzzles! Instead of word clues, you must examine your surroundings using Google Street View to find the right word on the crossword.

My Contributions

  • Utilized Google Street View API as a core gameplay feature.

  • Implemented responsive and intuitive touch controls.

  • Coded in-app purchases for use as game currency.

  • Implemented in-app advertisements on select screens.

  • Wrote and produced the soundtrack.

Let's Go Putt-Putt // 2019



Putt your way through various courses and challenges! Swipe to putt. The power of your swipe will determine the velocity of the shot. Collect gems and extra special golden gems to increase your chances at earning a medal.

My Contributions

  • Implemented responsive and intuitive touch controls.

  • Laid out and designed the featured stages.

  • Fine-tuned Unreal Engine 4's physics  engine to simulate golf ball properties.

  • Designed the UI.

Dawn Unto Dusk // 2018



A text adventure game that throws you out in the middle of a jungle. You will need to gather resources, such as food and tools, that you will need to survive. If your hunger meter runs out, you will die.

My Contributions

  • Implemented a hunger meter that will deplete over time.

  • User can interact, use, and eat items in the world to further their survival.

  • Designed all stages, puzzles, and riddles.

  • Wrote dialogue by using decision trees.

  • Wrote and produced the soundtrack.

Contact Me

Rancho Santa Margarita

Telephone: (949) 356-8285

Feel free to send me a message at: klaviam@gmail.com

I'll try to respond as quickly as possible!

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