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Game Engine

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Games For Love

Tools Programmer


In production



A virtual reality experimental game enabling the player to "channel surf" to alternate dimensions. Every level in Channel Surfing will be known as a channel. Each channel is a self-contained experience that the player can enter and exit as they desire.


After my work on Fantasy dARts, I decided to take the role of squad leader for Games For Love's VR title "Channel Surfing". The project itself had multiple squads, each responsible for their "channel". A channel is essentially an insulated experience within the game. The player can cycle through these experiences and play the associated level. My role as squad lead of tools was to provide an assortment of tools that multiple channels could utilize. I also oversaw the construction/import of Unity plugins. These plugins eased the development flow of fellow designers, artists, or other programmers. I ensured that all channels were coherent with one another and that there was a consistency in the backend of the codebase. I also wrote and managed technical/tools-related documents, as well as participated in coordination efforts to bring everyone on the entire project up to speed.

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