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Crash Bandicoot (Fangame) // 2020

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Upcoming Game Studio

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Crash, spin, and jump in a brand new Crash Bandicoot adventure!


This fangame was an opportunity for me to study and replicate many of the mechanics found in the Crash Bandicoot games (Wrath of Cortex specifically). I found it fascinating looking back to try and find out how certain gameplay mechanics were written, and then trying it myself and looking to improve upon their older methods. Personally, I believe every game programmer should spend time researching and implementing the mechanics found in their favorite games. For this project, I was responsible for most of the vehicular mechanisms found in the game.

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Crash, spin, and jump in a brand new Crash Bandicoot adventure! This is a fan-made creation based on the original Crash Bandicoot property.

My Contributions

  • Implemented a rail cart/trolley system that uses generated rail tracks that can curve and twist along a spline.

  • Simulated an airplane that shoots and rolls.

  • Created an AI that can fly a glider plane, avoid obstacles, and target the player glider.

  • Implemented the atlasphere (as seen in the games) that rolls along the ground to collect items.

  • Developed swimming mechanics and a submarine that can drop mines and shoot missiles.

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Rancho Santa Margarita

Telephone: (949) 356-8285

Feel free to send me a message at: adamweesner.dev@gmail.com

or DM me in Discord: Adam Weesner#0047
I'll try to respond as quickly as possible!

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