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Explore the world while solving crossword puzzles!

Crossworld is a unique spin on the old crossword formula. Instead of word clues, you must examine your surroundings using Google Street View to find the right word on the crossword. In this new twist, your eyes, examination skills, and knowledge of historical landmarks, monuments, and cities will be the keys to success!

How It Works:

  • Select from a variety of different puzzles, including U.S. cities, riddles, and global landmarks.

  • Given only a small hint, you must decipher where you are in the world!
  • If you need further help, buy a hint or letter.

  • Customize the way you play!


Crossworld was among the last of my projects in university. The class prompt was to code a crossword puzzle on an IOS device with a twist. My answer was utilizing Google's Street View as a way of giving hints. Instead of the usual word clue, players must figure out the word in the puzzle through observing their environment.

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Feel free to send me a message at: adamweesner.dev@gmail.com

or DM me in Discord: Adam Weesner#0047
I'll try to respond as quickly as possible!

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