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Primary Role(s)

Game Engine

Project Status

Project Type


Games For Love

Team Lead / Technical Director



Game Jam


Fantasy dARts an AR capable mobile dart throwing game. Games For Love Charity's Intern's International & League of Pro's first published Game on the Skillz Platform! Battle against other players locally or online and put your Skillz to the test! A casual competitive game where you can earn points and see who is the best at Darts!

How It Works:

  • Select a game mode of your choice.

  • Choose whether to play competitively online or play locally with a friend.

  • Throw them darts!


This is a game made for the Skills 2020 Kickoff Challenge. In essence, a team of 14 individuals led by me were tasked with creating and releasing a game using the Skillz SDK within the month of December. My first action as team lead was to write up a thorough game design document. Because I knew programming was going to be a large hurdle, I also wrote a Technical Design Document and drew a few storyboards. My team followed the Scrum methodology. I was the Product Owner and my producer was the Scrum Master. I provided and communicated effectively the vision for each gameplay mechanic, as well as the art and audio assets. Also made created and maintained issue tracking and project management with Jira.

Click the buttons below to learn more about how I implemented the core features of dARts!

Project Management +

Feel free to view the documents above.
Before coding began, I wanted to nail down the overall design and aesthetic of the game first in order to ease the process of work flow. The game design document I also wanted a living document that would persist until the game's release. This was especially important due to the fact that the game needed to be released within a month's time. Everyone needed to be on the same page.

A technical design document was also needed to ensure consistency across the code base. We had 3 programmers actively adding code (myself included).


For the issue tracking, I wrote nearly 100 cards detailing tasks ranging from every department. Each week, I pulled new cards from the backlog to work on in the board. That way we wouldn't have unnecessary clutter. Additionally, I ensured the usage of dependencies and child relationships in terms of blocking issues. In essence, some issues were required to be completed before others.

Skillz SDK +

As a requirement for the 2020 Kickoff Challenge, our team needed to fully implement the Skillz SDK into the project. The SDK provides networking capabilities, allowing us to connect and battle another player in a 1v1 game. When the game finishes, the score for each player is sent through the SDK and a winner is determined at their server. The SDK also allows for betting of both virtual and real-world currency.


I implemented through code the ability to host different types of tournaments. The basic tournament is choosing a game mode. Then you can either choose between an asynchronous or synchronous match. An asynchronous match is simply a race to finish the game first. Synchronous matches involve taking turns like a traditional game of darts. Users can also select between virtual and real-world currency for any match.

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